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In this information age, we have developed a number of ways for its patrons and supporters to not only stay connected to Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc., but also keep in touch with friends and loved ones through the organization.

Join Our Social Networks:


Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. wants to connect with you. You’ll get the latest news, meet people with similar interests, participate in challenges, watch videos and network together to help girls. Learn about our social networking communities and find out how you can join the conversation.

Post a Banner on your Web Site or Blog: You can help raise funds for Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. by posting a banner on your web site or blog. Or, share the Banner web page with web site and/or blog owners, so that they can use the banners and/or links to help too. 

LLL Web Banner 120x90      LLL Web Banner 468x60



120x 60                                          468x 60


  • Decide which banner you want to use.
  • Right-click on the banner (CTRL + click for MAC).
  • Select “Save As” and save the banner to the appropriate folder on your website.
  • Place the banner on your web page in the location where you would like it to display.
  • Link the banner to the URL provided (below the banner). This will ensure that when someone clicks the banner on your website, they will be brought to the appropriate linked page.
  • Save your web page and then test the banner on your web page to ensure it goes to the designated link. 
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