Mission Statement

Leading Ladies of Legacy LogoLeading Ladies of Legacy produces young women who have strong academic backgrounds, understand and build resilience, fight and overcome poverty, exude self-worth and confidence, give back to the community and display leadership. Through membership meetings, programs, events, and community service we will identify and challenge young women to develop compassion, confidence, and a commitment to service and leadership within their communities.

We will undertake the following activities:
• Initiate programs in leadership, academic support, character development, and community service
• Work closely with local school districts, with colleges and universities, and with other educational institutions in the city on the development of appropriate programs for girls
• Seek and apply for state, federal, and private funds available in support of women and girls
• Increase awareness of girls issues
• Assemble calendars and schedules of events for girls and compile other materials as appropriate to promote programs for girls in Atlanta
• Conduct ongoing planning, researching the girls needs in the city, including new facilities and developing, updating, and evaluating progress against periodic written plans for the growth of the girls in Atlanta
• Develop an awareness in the business community, in local government, and in the general public of the value of women and girls in Atlanta
• Promote and encourage the cultural diversity of the city of Atlanta
• Engage in any other activities that will enhance the lives of girls and women in Atlanta

Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. Goals

• Strengthen girls commitment to education and the community

• Foster relationships between community groups and our members
• Stimulate academic achievement and life-long learning
•Train a new generation of entrepreneurs

Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc Program Benefits
To local schools
• Providing mentoring programs that will provide a more complete education for its students
• Community support in accomplishing the goals of annual school improvement plans

To girls and young women
• Higher self-esteem
• Association with successful role models and mentors from the community
• Increased motivation to achieve success in the areas of academics, attendance, and character
• Enriched curriculum
• Individualized help with subjects outside of the classroom
• Education on the types of jobs in the workplace and how their academic skills apply

To the community
Improved economic development; i.e., lower dropout rates are tied to lower crime rates, less unemployment and fewer welfare recipients

To local businesses
• Presenting firsthand the requirements and expectations of the business world
• Heightening awareness of present and future job needs
• Being recognized as a community-involved company, which adds to your public relations efforts
Improved education of future employees and customers

Who benefits from this organization?
The organization targets young girls and young women ages 5-19.

Core Priorities

Character. Education. Leadership. Service.