Leading Ladies of Legacy believes that each girl harbors the potential to become leaders of change within their communities. Lack of leadership, lack of seriousness towards education, lack of knowledge, selfishness and loss of standards amongst minority females, is the root of social challenges one of which is producing unproductive citizens. Leading Ladies of Legacy has created three important organizational goals:

  1. To increase high school graduation and college acceptance rates among Atlanta’s girls of color.
  2. To increase career preparation readiness for Atlanta’s girls of color
  3. To improve the quality of life of Atlanta’s girls of color

Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. offers a custom curriculum that focuses on helping girls build leadership skills like self-reflection, critical thinking, sound decision making, goal setting, clear communication and personal accountability. As a result, Leading Ladies of Legacy girls develop a true sense of their personal power and their outcomes are astounding!

Mission and Vision Statement

Our mission is to train girls to be effective leaders, caring citizens, and self-aware of themselves and their communities.

Our vision is to be a world class organization that builds girls of confidence and character using their voices and talents to make the world a better place!


Core Beliefs

Leading Ladies of Legacy was founded under four principles.


Moral or ethical quality

Qualities of honesty, courage or the like

We are a challenging and supportive group of girls, ladies, and women who are developing character. We lay the foundation for ourselves. Through character development we unlock our unique potential. We learn to utilize our intellectual, emotional, and spiritual resources.


Act of acquiring knowledge

Developing the powers to judgment and preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life

The most important thing we can obtain in this world is knowledge. Knowledge comes in many forms through schooling, reading, talking, and experiencing. We will challenge and expose our members to knowledge and develop inquiry skills.


Ability to lead, guide or direct

As a leader we help others to learn just as we have been helped. We ask the best of others just as someone shaped the best in us.


An act of helpful activity, help; aid

“I hear-and I forget

I see- and I remember

But I do-and I understand”

The pursuit of destiny requires our true best and our true best cannot be attained without the help of others. Active service helps us to understand others, our community, and ourselves.