Girls Need Mentors, We Need You

September 17, 2017

MABLETON-Each year Leading Ladies of Legacy’s Girls Mentoring Program provides many of metro Atlanta’s students with loving mentors throughout the school year. Although the program has had it’s success, additional mentors are always needed.

Executive Director Regina Coley reported that with this year’s partnership growth there are not enough mentors for each small group and they are accepting new volunteers.

The program started 7 years ago to find a way to help girls who needed extra support and to provide guidance on leadership, character development, what it means to be a lady and academic achievement skills.

Years later, students are still benefitting from the relationships they’re able to form with mentors who serve as positive role models in their lives.

“These girls have families, but as we see in the media and news there are still children who need the additional support mentally. There is so much to balance in life and parents are always grateful to know that a program like ours can reinforce the values that are important to them,” said Coley

I’m extending an invitation for you and others at your place of business to sign up to mentor a girl this year.

Girls are typically referred to the program by either a parent, teacher, psychologist, guidance counselor, or other school staff member, and volunteers are required to dedicate about an hour or more per month to the program, however what they end up doing is typically much more than the minimum.

“There’s a high need for our girls to have a diverse group of mentors. We want to see and hear from all types of women,” said Coley “Hearing the backgrounds, educational experiences, and career experiences helps makes life more tangible for the girls. They also just get to learn who’s in their community.”

Anyone over the age of 18 who is willing to pass a background check and go through an interview process can apply to become a mentor, and the program recruits mentors for the program year-round. According to Coley, the impact created for the girls is commendable.

“Some of the things that you can see are changes in self-esteem, confidence and motivation,” said Coley “With these types of characteristics in mind girls perform better in their academics, their language and thought process changes. You see them paying greater attention to the details of their lives. They become more intentional rather than just allowing experiences to happen. You can’t help but smile and beam with pride as you see these transitions occur. It fuels the work!”

As a mentor you would be greatly and directly impacting the life of a child in the community where you live and serve. Our girls need to see more community members coming out and getting up involved. Can we count on you? Please visit for more information.

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