Five Reasons EVERY Girl Needs a Mentor

Five Reasons EVERY Girl Needs a Mentor

Leading Ladies of Legacy is passionate about our work mentoring, teaching, and transforming girls. The power of a mentor or even a mentoring group is powerful beyond measure because it connects girls with a circle of influence that shapes their thoughts, ideals, values, and behaviors. Who doesn’t want to positively changed for the better?!

If you are considering joining our program or bringing our program to your site I want you to understand the value of our program. Here are five reasons every girl needs a mentor!

  1. To release. Girls carry all of their emotions, thoughts, and ideas inside of them everyday. When they are active participants in mentoring programs they have a safe place to share those thoughts, ideas, and emotions. It’s critical for them to understand they are not in isolation and that relationships are beneficial to release stress, tension, and learn to be supported and be supportive.
  2. To recharge. Girls need a place to come and be filled with knowledge and love. Yes they have school, but mentoring speaks beyond academics. Schools counselors don’t have the capacity to reach every single child in the school but mentoring was created for that additional support.
  3. To retrain. Some girls benefit from being retrained. Their foundations may have been laid with negative thoughts about others, situations, themselves, and the world around them. Some girls may benefit from learning new skills and ideals to be able to conduct themselves differently and with a greater level of confidence in themselves and their abilities.
  4. To retain. Girls are exposed to a variety of media sources, content, and information on a daily basis. Mentoring groups provides a space to retain and preserve the knowledge we want to keep fresh and relevant for them. Repetition is the mother of success and we want to repeat the same positive and endearing messages so our girls keep these qualities and skills forever!
  5. To reap. Girls gain when they have someone they can depend on and whose is consistent with them. The girls receive the ultimate reward by their circle of support who was patient, caring, and compassionate enough to see them through their personal process and path to greatness.

Bonus: To reciprocate. Girls who have been mentored are more likely to share these ideas and attitudes with other girls. They become leaders who train other leaders because it’s just TOO good to keep to yourself and they want to use their skills to bring about a more positive change.

With all that being said, why deny your daughter the opportunity to her bold and brilliant future?!

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  1. Awesome article! I do agree that every girl should have a mentor.