Winter Registration Day

AUSTELL — Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc., a community-based mentoring organization for girls, will hold Registration Day at the Leading Ladies of Legacy Education Center on Saturday, Feb. 13th 10:00 am-12:00 pm.

Founded in 2011,Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. works to “inspire and mentor young ladies (in Austell and surrounding communities) as they grow from girls to women.”

The nonprofit organization, which will be entering into its fifth year, needs female volunteer to serve as mentors to the participants.

Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. is open to all girls regardless of race, religion, or social/economic background.

“Our vision is to shape the lives of young ladies as they journey to womanhood by instilling knowledge, promoting self-empowerment and teaching self-worth.” says founder Regina E. Coley. “Our primary focus is to expose and educate the young ladies about some of the most dominant issues that face their generation through fun, exciting and informative sessions led by the mentors of Leading Ladies of Legacy Inc. and other influential and successful women.”

Based on their age, the girls are divided into clusters — Little Ladies League, ages 5-9; Lovely Ladies League, ages 10-12; and Leading Ladies, ages 13-17.

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