Join the L.L.L. Dream Team


Leading Ladies of Legacy is on the search for seven resilient, remarkable, and reliable women to join it’s volunteer staff. We need these starting seven to truly carry out the mission of creating strong and resilient girls of color. Our headquarters in Austell, GA is set to saturate the Cobb County community and beyond but we need hard working women to support the work and be the face of the organization in the community.

“My vision as the Founder is to see hundreds of girls who have a clear understanding of their personal power and are using all of their gifts and talents to create a voice for themselves and for other girls. My vision is to create a generation of leaders who aren’t just sitting at home, making excuses for themselves and their situation but overcoming the challenges they’re facing and having a strong network of mentors in the community who are there to talk and walk them through those challenges.” says Regina E. Coley, Founder of Leading Ladies of Legacy “We need women who aren’t in this to have another notch on their resume or to say that they simply want to volunteer, we need women who have a fire in their heart for this and won’t stop until we truly see a change in these girls!”

If you are interested in applying for the Dream Team apply now at

All seven positions will be filled by December 15, 2015 so hurry over now!

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  1. Would love to get more information on how to join and support the cause.

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